Renee Graziano Feels Bad About What Happened On Last Night’s Mob Wives

This week, we got the chance to chat with Mob Wives star Renee Graziano (technically our conversation was about her upcoming cookbook, How To Use A Meat Cleaver) and she wanted to set one thing straight when it came to this week’s episode. “I feel really bad about it,” she told us.

Renee also owned up to the situation on Twitter last night, writing “No one without proof should ever jump 2 conclusions. That goes 4 me 2.” She’s a little bummed at how this season has played out, if only because she thinks it makes her look like a mean person. “There’s no Karen, no Ramona, no Carla, so someone had to be the big bad wolf and it looks like that’s what they made me this year and that’s very disturbing to me because I’m not,” she tells us. “I’m an opinionated woman with a loud voice, but I’m not a mean person. And that day, I can recall that clearly, I was mean. But there were things that you didn’t see happen, there were things that were said to me, accusations aside from the other accusation, and it was like, hell, no. It was much more than what you see. Much more.”

Yesterday she was able to joke, subtly, about the situation, posting the above photo of herself with Alicia to Instagram, hinting about the state of their friendship by writing “We might be smiling here but on tonights episode of #mobwives Alicia & I are throwing daggers & spitting fire .. u don’t wanna miss the #sitdown that goes down .. so make sure ur tv is tuned in2 @vh1 @ 10pm tonight #mobwives #newblood + #ogblood = #badblood #dontletthesmilesfoolyou.”

So before you jump to conclusions and start taking sides, just know Renee’s thoughts on the situation today: “Honestly, today I can say I feel really bad about it. I’m really not a mean person, you know.”

[Photo: Instagram]