Love & Hip Hop Season Finale Recap: Leave The Old Dreams Behind

Early in this week’s episode, Erica asks “Can’t we all just get along?” The answer here is “No.”

Erica’s got her debut performance of her new single coming up, but after the way Rich acted toward Cyn at her book launch, it’s going to be interesting seeing what happens at her next big event. She warns Cyn that he’ll be there and Cyn is, as always, not happy. She’s unimpressed by Rich’s behavior, especially since he’s Erica’s manager and he’s acting so shady and aggressively toward Cyn. But Erica begs, “Can’t we all just get along?”

Cyn thinks they all need to have another conversation to see where they all stand. “If homeboy behaves, I might chat with him after the show. But this is only for Erica, because Bitch Dollaz is still corny as hell.”

Yandy and Tara meet for some retail therapy, emphasis on the therapy. Tara wants to discuss her latest conversation with Peter, and how he apologized and asked forgiveness for all his foolishness. “Ultimately, Yandy, There’s no turning back. I have to move on,” Tara says.

“You have to get over it and you have to move on. Because you’re better than that. And you have it all together. You would be any man’s dream. Too bad he didn’t know,” Yandy says, assuring her that that is the right move.

Yandy also has an exciting announcement for Tara — she got a role in the movie Yandy is producing. She’s got a bright future ahead of her. Peter, consider yourself left in the dust.

Rich has to give Peter the latest and greatest on all the things going on in his life, and when it comes to Erica and Cyn’s relationship, Rich tells his friend “If it’s real, then she’s more of a creep than YOU are. She’s told me a hundred times, ’If you would just act right, I would cut this relationship off!'” She leaves Rich’s mind a mess because of the games she seems to play with him, especially because, and here’s the big bomb, Rich tells Peter that Erica hosted a party not three days ago, and afterward they left together and smashed.

“Dollaz told you a long time ago that it was just a matter of time before she came back home. She’s home.”

Peter asks Rich if he would commit to Erica if she broke things off with Cyn, and Rich responds “Clearly, I love her, she loves me. Or we wouldn’t still be here.”

Peter needs some advice from someone outside the show, so he appeals to “a higher power,” his friend Nick Cannon. Peter tells Nick about how he’s moved out of Tara’s and he realizes he’s broken up one family, and how he’s looking to move in with Amina who wants a family of her own, and he’s not sure what to do.

“You’re being tested,” Nick tells him. And the only way to deal with these tests is to handle them honestly. Admit he needs help.

“Nick’s right. I got a lot of changes to make. I f—ed up. Can I really be true to my wife? I don’t know, but what I do know is I’m going to try.”

It’s time for Erica Jean and Saigon to become a real family, so she packs up her boxes and she’s ready to move in with him. But Erica probably didn’t realize that Saigon has a list of rules in his place.

“If my name is on something in the refrigerator, please leave it alone.” (Clearly Saigon plays by Office Fridge rules.)

“No blowing up the bathroom.” (Because pooping is something you should only do in a Chuck E. Cheese restroom.)

And three, “Daddy should be able to bring something home every now and then.” (Ummm…)

“Yes, people, I’m joking!” he assures us. “I’m gonna take this family thing seriously and give it a shot.”

The friendship between Tahiry and Rashidah has been non-existent ever since their fight over Rashidah’s disappointment in Tahiry over her modeling career. It seemed like an unnecessary jab at Tahiry, maybe born out of Rah’s frustration with Tahiry for being too self-absorbed, and when both women show up to Erica’s music showcase, Tahiry is optimistic that they can move on from it.

That optimism is worthless, because Rashidah is not backing down and doesn’t feel bad about what she said. “You’re doing ghetto urban magazines that are nothing,” Rah tells Tahiry. And all that modeling is no way to land a husband. “I’m showing you how to be somebody’s wife, not to be somebody’s jerkoff moment.”

“I’m very proud of who I am, period,” Tahiry says. She has no regrets.

“You’re a whore,” Rah tells her (former) friend.

“Tell your P.O. to stop sending me letters!” Tahiry retorts.

Tahiry walks out as Rah calls after her “You’re f—ing with a drug addict!” The low blows just keep on coming.

At last, Erica gives her performance, and she kills it. And for one brief moment, Rich and Cyn come together, Rich resting is arm on Cyn’s shoulder as they both watch their girl with pride.

Even though this should be Erica’s night, so far she’s already been overshadowed by Rah and Tahiry. And now, the battle of Rich and Cyn is about to go down. In an effort to talk things through and for Cyn to tell Rich “You’re a grown man and you know that Erica is now with somebody else,” so he should back off. And that’s when Rich explains that Erica’s not always with Cyn. At least, not when she’s f—ing Rich. “If Erica chooses to kiss me, to f— me…” he begins, and Cyn stops him, asking “Who’s f—ing? Why do you keep saying that word?”

“Me and Erica f—ed.”

“What he’s saying better not be true,” Cyn says, and she storms out looking for Erica.

“Let’s play this game, mother f—er!” Rich taunts.

“You let him disrespect me. Always. So now he sits here and tells me y’all still f—ing!” Cyn tells Erica when she finds her backstage.”I cannot deal with this bulls—t.”

Erica asks Cyn to let her go talk to Rich…but she doesn’t deny anything.

“I’m done,” Cyn tells Erica. “I’m done with this bulls—t, I’m done with Rich, I’m not beat for this s—t.”

Erica charges toward Rich begging him for an explanation as to why he would ruin her night in the spotlight. “Let me get a break for once she tells him. “I’m sick of fighting, I’m sick of drama, I’m sick of the bulls—t. I just wanna move the f— on from it!”

“Then God bless you,” Rich tells her.

“Exactly, God bless me,” she says, adding “You don’t make me happy, and it’s ’cause of s—t like this.”

Erica walks away, but Rich is not going to let her or Cyn have the last word.

He runs backstage and flips the f— out. It’s not pretty, he gets up in Cyn’s face, screams, and security needs to pull him away. Now, we know Cyn can handle herself but Rich, you don’t wild out on a woman like that. You just don’t.

“There’s no turning back with Rich and I. I’m completely done with him,” Erica says.
Amina and Peter have been on the rocks since he freaked out during their apartment hunt, and when they get together to talk, Amina’s perspective is simple: “I don’t think you know what it means to be a real husband.”

“I can’t live like this, with you making everything about her, anymore.”

“I felt obligated to protect [Tara’s] feelings,” Peter says, since he married Amina in secret and still needed to figure out how to break things off with Tara and move out.

He surprises Amina by pulling out her ring and asking her to wear it. “Where’d you get that!?” she asks, since we all know she threw that in the garbage during a moment of Peter-hate.

Amina explains that if there’s a chance she’ll get her happily ever after, she’s willing to give him another chance.

Erica better have a damn good way of talking herself back into Cyn’s good graces because Cyn is not going to take her back without serious consideration. And when Erica sees her, Cyn tells her “You put yourself in this predicament, Erica. If you were still f—ing with him, why you brought me into this s—? I didn’t ask to be here! I didn’t ask to be your girlfriend!”

Erica promises no more drama and grabs Cyn so that she can’t leave, but Cyn tells her “This is like a f—ing novela. I’m sick of it.” And she leaves.

This season has been a rocky one for everyone. Multiple love triangles, failed proposals, unrequited relationships and yes, the occasional flying fist. And through all of it, many of these women are trying to do right by their children, their sons that they are raising without fathers, and trying to understand how they can possibly raise a man. It’s going to be difficult, but these are boss women and they can handle whatever gets thrown at them.

“It’s time to move on to new dreams and leave the old ones all behind,” Tahiry says.