Love & Hip Hop Check Yourself, Season Finale: “Do We Really Want To Have This Conversation, Chipotle?”

It’s the season finale of Love & Hip Hop, which means it’s the final installment of Check Yourself (boo!). In this week’s clip, Saigon explains the laws of his house a little further, telling us that his “no stinking up the bathroom” rule is important. “I don’t know if y’all have seen Erica Jean’s ass, but she look like she could s— a brick.”

He kids, of course. (We think?) And Erica admits that during this scene, she was a little delusional herself.

Later, watch Erica, Cyn and Rich react to their huge fight at Erica’s performance. Since he’s clearly not winning over Erica this week, Rich has to save face somehow so watch as he takes credit for Cyn’s success. “I took a busted bartender and put her on a TV screen. Be happy you got some shine,” he says. Classic Dollaz.

Watch the rest of the commentary right here.