Everything You Need To Know About Last Night’s Single Ladies Wardrobe, Courtesy Of Stylist Anthony L. Williams

  • April Pink Shorts

  • Keisha Green Top Blue Skirt 1

  • Keisha Shoes 1

  • Felicia Black Suit Raquel Tulle

  • Raquel White Sequin Dress

  • April Green Outfit

  • Felicia White Dress Blazer

  • April Black Tank

  • Raquel Black Dress

  • Keisha Fur Poker

  • Keisha Final Gray Dress

  • April 2nd 2 Last

  • Felicia White Blouse

There are a few important rules to know regarding week’s Single Ladies fashions: color-blocking never goes out of style, proportion is everything, and when you’re wearing something bold, you gotta own it. Stylist Anthony L. Williams has given us the breakdown of this week’s looks along with those very important tips, so scroll through the gallery to find out where all the goods came from, and watch the clip below to find out more helpful hints for dressing like a boss.