Lil Chipotle Cyn vs. Corny Dollaz: Love & Hip Hop Fans React To The Erica Mena Love Triangle

Throughout the course of Love & Hip Hop Season 4, a love triangle developed between Erica Mena, Rich Dollaz, and Cyn Santana. Since last season, the chemistry and strong feelings between Erica and Rich have been obvious to anyone watching. However, once their relationship came to an abrupt end, Cyn caught Erica’s eye and caused her to start playing for the opposing team. While dating Cyn, Erica retreated back to her old ways with Rich while claiming that she is still in love with Cyn, not Rich. Is Erica using Cyn to win Rich’s attention? Is Rich telling the truth about sleeping with Erica? Who should Erica be in a relationship with?

While we are still trying to answer these questions and figure out the real story, fans have been posting their reactions online throughout the season. From funny and witty to creative yet confused, Love & Hip Hop fans have spoken and we picked the best 22 responses to help you unravel this tangled romantic web and answer the simple question: Are you Team Rich or Team Cyn?