The Top 3 Moments Of Mob Wives: New Blood Episode 9

This week on Mob Wives there were three moments that trumped all the others: Drita meeting her rap idol, Method Man, Natalie’s Halloween party, and Renee’s insinuation that the Vegas trip was a “setup.”

In the first of our favorite moments of the show, Natalie throws a Halloween party and dressed herself (skimpily) as “Purgatory.” Otherwise known as a black angel in an almost-nonexistent bodysuit. Or, as Drita describes it: “If vampires had a strip club, Natalie works at the door.” But there’s drama at the party when Natalie shows Drita Renee’s RSVP text that alleges that the party as well as the trip to Vegas might be a setup.

Drita is not happy that her friend Renee might think that she and Ang would have had a hand in a setup. Saying that about Drita is on par with calling Renee disloyal. You don’t do it. You don’t even think it. So when Drita and Ang ask Renee what she meant, she explains herself…but not before making another jab and calling her friends phony.

The one thing Drita has going for her, away from all this drama, is her lifelong dream of rapping with Method Man. She cannot-f—ing-believe-it when he shows up to her studio session.

After she freaks out, hugging him and telling him she loves him she deadpans, “I’m so glad I’m playing it cool.” But you know what? The feeling is mutual. “I love chicks that knock b—hes out,” he tells her. Awww. So at least there’s that shining beacon of light in this episode!