VH1’s Sexiest Selfies Of January

  • cyn-santana

    Cyn Santana [Photo: Instagram]

  • ariane-davis

    Ariane Davis [Photo: Instagram]

  • draya

    Draya Michele [Photo: Instagram]

  • alicia

    Alicia DiMichele Garofalo [Photo: Instagram]

  • charity-gram-denise-vasi

    Charity Gram and Denise Vasi [Photo: Instagram]

  • drita

    Drita D’Avanzo [Photo: Instagram]

  • emilyb

    Emily B [Photo: Instagram]

  • erica-dixon

    Erica Dixon [Photo: Instagram]

  • ericajean

    Erica Jean [Photo: Instagram]

  • ericamena

    Erica Mena [Photo: Instagram]

  • evelyn-lozada

    Evelyn Lozada [Photo: Instagram]

  • gloria-laura-govan

    Gloria and Laura Govan [Photo: Instagram]

  • jackie-christie

    Jackie Christie [Photo: Instagram]

  • kesha-nichols

    Kesha Nichols [Photo: Instagram]

  • jennifer-williams

    Jennifer Williams [Photo: Instagram]

  • joseline-hernandez

    Joseline Hernandez, Baby [Photo: Instagram]

  • malaysia-pargo

    Malaysia Pargo [Photo: Instagram]

  • kimbella

    Kimbella [Photo: Instagram]

  • laura-govan

    Laura Govan [Photo: Instagram]

  • letoya-luckett

    LeToya Luckett [Photo: Instagram]

  • mimifaust

    Mimi Faust [Photo: Instagram]

  • natalie-guercio

    Natalie Guercio (with her fiance) [Photo: Instagram]

  • nyalee

    Nya Lee [Photo: Instagram]

  • renee-graziano

    Renee Graziano [Photo: Instagram]

  • royce-reed

    Royce Reed [Photo: Instagram]

  • nate-ryan

    Nate Ryan [Photo: Instagram]

  • shamicka-lawrence

    Shamicka Lawrence [Photo: Instagram]

  • shaniece-hairston

    Shaniece Hairston [Photo: Instagram]

  • shay-johnson

    Shay Johnson [Photo: Instagram]

  • sheree-fletcher

    Sheree Fletcher [Photo: Instagram]

  • suzie-ketchum

    Suzie Ketchum [Photo: Instagram]

  • tahiry

    Tahiry [Photo: Instagram]

  • tara

    Tara Wallace [Photo: Instagram]

  • traci-steele

    Traci Steele [Photo: Instagram]

  • yandy-smith

    Yandy Smith [Photo: Instagram]

  • erica-feature

Although the term ’selfie’ might make a few of you itch, it is a phenomenon that is here to stay. So, in celebration, we’re now initiating a monthly tribute to the art of the self-portrait featuring your VH1 favorites. Now, we made sure to cover all facets of sexy and make sure there is a little something for everyone. However, you will notice that since it is January 2014, a lot of people have¬†Beyonc√©’s new album on the brain, thus the constant “I WOKE UP LIKE THIS!” theme in many of the pictures featured. We’ll let you all decide how “***Flawless” the featured are, but we hope you enjoy.

And before you even say it, yes, there was a little leniency given to what constitutes a “selfie.” In our defense, once you see that shot of Cyn Santana, you’ll understand why she was allowed to slide in. Happy clicking.