Love & Hip Hop Reunion: Scenes From The Makeup Chair

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You think your beauty regimen takes a long time in the morning? Try being on a TV show where one must look flawless and stylish all the time. And now imagine how much higher the stakes are for a reunion episode. People expect you to bring it in the glam department, and luckily, the cast of Love & Hip Hop is used to bringing it and they looked flawless on Monday night’s show. We went backstage to spend time — hours — with the cast as they got ready for the reunion, so have a look at some of the best photos of them as they prepped and got gorgeous. And as an added bonus, check out this super-cool time-lapse video of Tara as she gets her makeup done to see the process from freshly scrubbed to full face of shimmer and shine.

[Photos: Lauren Weissler for VH1]