The Love & Hip Hop Reunion: Your 10 Biggest Questions Are Answered

On tonight’s Love & Hip Hop reunion, we got a lot of the resolution we were looking for. We saw Cyn and Erica reaffirm their commitment to one another, despite the fact that Rich remains in Erica’s life. Peter Gunz performed a song with Amina about how their love is wrong but feels so right…right in front of Tara. And Joe Budden and Tahiry proved that just because you love someone with all your heart, doesn’t mean you’re meant to be married. What were the biggest questions of the night, and did they all get answered? Let’s take a look.

1. What’s happening with Yandy and Mendeecees?

Mo’Nique doesn’t mince words, so straight out of the gate she wanted to know what’s up with Yandy and Mendeecees. Yandy revealed that she speaks to her fiance at least 5 or 6 times a day, but his fate is still unknown.
2. Did Rich ever respect Cyn and Erica’s relationship?

Nope! Rich still doesn’t think Erica and Cyn’s relationship is real, and he admitted this by saying that, as a self-professed creep, he tested the waters with Erica (as we saw numerous times) and she was receptive to him, so he never thought — and still doesn’t think — that she’s in love with Cyn. “I’ve said this before, and it’s going to seem like I’m being a prick right now but I’m not. Cyn is a prop. Erica wants attention that I wasn’t giving. And this poor girl is caught up in this love thing that we got going on.”

3. Are Erica and Rich still smashing?

“I don’t know whether they’re f—ing,” Cyn said, acknowledging that she knows Erica and Rich still have feelings for each other. “I would like to know, ’cause I’m not going to sit here and be a fool and be this f—ing this carpet right here, you’re not about to walk all over me.”

The Rich broke it all down for Cyn: “The reality is don’t sit on my lap. Don’t come to my house. Don’t kiss me on the couch…If you’ve moved on,” Rich tells Erica, “actions speak louder than words.”

4. So then, is Rich still in love with Erica?


Fists fly on stage between Nya and Erica

5. Can Nya Lee and Erica Mena make amends?

Surprisingly, yes. Even though things on the reunion started off badly, with both of them antagonizing one another and nearly coming to blows, after they were separated, they worked things out. “I didn’t come today to fight you,” Nya told Erica. “We have enough people fighting us. We don’t need to fight each other.” And with that, they aren’t fighting anymore.

6. What’s the one thing you shouldn’t dare tell Tahiry if you’re Joe Budden?

After they discussed how they have both moved on from their relationship, Tahiry explained “You know me, we have been through thick and thin.” To which Joe responded, “No we have not, you left at thick.” That made Tahiry explode with anger since she feels like she’s always stood by Joe through his hardest times. “I didn’t leave at thick! Don’t you dare tell me that I left at thick,” she said, breaking down. “I had to do it so you could get better. I’m not running, don’t you dare…I had to do what I had to do whether it hurt me or not, for you to be fine and sitting on this couch, alive.”

7. But do these two crazy kids still love each other?

In a way. Joe put it this way: “Nobody in this universe, sans your family, got you like me. And you know that. Do you behave that way? No.And it’s the same way I know, sans my family, don’t nobody got me like you. Like, we know that about each other. So we don’t have to do all the extra s—.” How can you not love them and root for them??

8. What is Tara’s real issue with Amina?

Tara admitted that she and Amina were in the very same situation when they both got into a relationship with Peter Gunz. Peter was actually engaged to another woman when he met Tara, and he told Tara that that relationship was over, just as he told Amina that his relationship with Tara was over. So why then is Tara so angry with Amina? “My issue with Amina is in the message she had to deliver to me. As a woman you know that is the blow of all blows to me. And to deliver it like that lie, okay, I got the box of Froot Loops, I got the freakin’ prize out of it.” Tara then said that Amina entered Peter’s “party bus” knowing full well that it was what it was and she should have taken some responsibility by acknowledging she knew what the situation was by that point.

9. How did Tara feel watching Peter and Amina sing “Don’t Wanna Be Right,” a song about their own relationship?

“I was all about Amina winning,” Tara began, saying she was a fan of her music up until she found out she was with Peter. “It doesn’t do me any good to wish anything bad on her but I can’t say I feel great about the two of them performing, knowing now what’s going on, knowing now that that song is about him, knowing now that her album is all in the key of G-U-N-Z. And if, right now, knowing that’s his relationship with his wife, if a man were to sit right here and have a love song to me, he would still have a problem.”

10. Is Amina afraid of becoming Tara in 13 years?

Well, we’ll have to wait till next week for that answer, but based on what we THINK she pulled out of her bra, the answer is probably yes…