Get All The Details Of This Week’s Single Ladies Fashions From Stylist Anthony L. Williams

  • 5LisaRaye Blue Jumpsuit

  • 5April Final

  • 5Raquel Final

  • 5Keisha Red dress Final

  • 5Raquel1

  • 5Raquel Sneakers

  • 5Keisha Nightgown

  • 5Raquel Red Shirt Leather Pants

  • 5April Comic Skirt

  • 5Naomi3

  • 5Naomi 2

  • 5Keisha Black Dress

  • 5Raquel Floral Skirt

  • 5AprilPink Suit

  • 5April Blue Shirt Patterned Jeans

  • 5Naomi White Dress

Which outfit from this week’s Single Ladies episode does stylist Anthony L. Williams call a “showstopper”? Hint: it belonged to April, and as Anthony says, she is owning her own look this season. (The best part? The outfit in question is from Topshop!)

Watch the wardrobe breakdown below to find out even more about how Anthony put the clothes together, and to find out where you can get your hands on everything yourself, scroll through the gallery of every outfit worn on episode 5.