Guess Who Said It? The Love & Hip Hop Cast Reveal Their Relationship Statuses

Let’s play a little game of “Which Love & Hip Hop cast member said it?” Below is a list of quotes, uttered by someone on the show in the clip above regarding the state of their romantic relationship. Before watching, can you figure out who said what? Take a stab at it and then watch to see if you were right!

“We’re not together. I broke up with him.”

“It’s weird because it’s off and on. I think there’s a lot of dishonesty and playing both sides of the fence.”

“People always ask: what’s the status? I guess it’s complicated, still.”

“[We] started our relationship on shaky ground. If history hasn’t taught me anything, it’s that if you build on shaky ground it’s gonna eventually crack.”

“I’m still very much in love with both of them.”

“We had good times and bad times but we’re definitely communicating better.”