Behind The Scenes At The Love & Hip Hop Reunion: Peter’s A “Lying, Cheating, Dirty Old Man”

“The worst part of the show was finding out that the man that I had loved for twelve-plus years was married to another woman,” Tara says in this clip from backstage at the Love & Hip Hop reunion. We all know how that played out on our screens this season, and it’s clear that Tara has been trying to move on from her situation with Peter and Amina, but what’s the current situation between these three? Depends on who you ask. When we asked Amina how things are going with Peter, she told us “We are together, but it’s difficult.” But when we talked to Peter, his response was not the same. “We decided to take space until I get my s— together, I guess.” So I think we just confirmed that Peter doesn’t effectively communicate with anyone, because we’re totally confused. The one thing he does admit is that he’s a “lying, cheating, dirty old man.”

As for who knew what when, Amina later explains that she’s not a liar and truly didn’t know Peter and Tara were still together when she married him. Meanwhile, Peter resents the insinuation that he played either woman, and Amina wants Peter to own up to the fact that he has a double life. We cover a lot of ground and are going to need a lot of therapy after watching this one short clip.

Part two of the Love & Hip Hop reunion airs next Monday, February 10 at 8PM ET/PT.