Love & Hip Hop Reunion Part II Sneak Peek: Tara And Amina Deserve Better

In this sneak peek from part two of the Love & Hip Hop reunion, Amina admits that she knew she was one of many women that Peter ran around with, but she thought she was more special since Peter chose to marry her. Unfortunately for Amina, Peter still can’t shake his feelings for Tara, even now.

“If I had known Tara still had the feelings she had for me when she fond out I was married to Amina, I never would have married Amina,” he tells Mo’Nique. Well, sucks to be Amina hearing that, doesn’t it?

If you thought part one of the reunion was juicy, just you wait till the rest of this scene plays out. Part two airs this Monday, February 10 at 8PM ET/PT. Don’t miss it.