10 More Big Questions Answered At The Love & Hip Hop Reunion: Part 2

During part two of the Love & Hip Hop reunion, we fans thought we might get some closure on some of the biggest issues on season four of the show. Turns out, we only got MORE drama. From Amina’s big pregnancy reveal, which you can watch above, to Peter abandoning her onstage, to Rashidah and Tahiry’s broken friendship, almost nothing was actually resolved in this episode, only more dirt to get kicked up in our faces. So what big questions were answered? Let’s go through them one by one.

1. We’ll start this week with the “To Be Continued” moment that part one ended on. Does Amina fear that she’ll be Tara in 13 years?

“I’m already her,” Amina said. “He’s doing the exact same things that she’s talking about to me already, after only one year. So, I’m already her.” Later she clarified, “I’m not gonna let him do that to me. I’m not going to continue being in this relationship. It’s like, I said in that one clip that I really believed he’d change for me, but I’m not that stupid. You made me look so stupid,” she told Peter.

2. Why did Peter decide to be with Amina over Tara?

This question came straight from Amina herself, and she wanted Peter to answer it directly. What do you think of his response? “This is an explanation, not an excuse,” he began. “I fell on hard times and I was in a dark space, and Tara took it as I needed space. It wasn’t space, I needed an outlet, and my outlet became Amina. We started hanging out and making music and it just became a bright spot. Home was dark and this was bright.”

3. What was in Amina’s bra today?

“Everyone who watched the season knows that I like to pull things out of my bra and slam them on tables,” Amina said, and then she dropped the biggest bomb of all, going full Joseline Hernandez, and whipped out a positive pregnancy test for all to see. “Unlike your baby’s mother, I did not take the Plan B,” she told Peter. “I’m pregnant.”

4. What did Peter have to say after he heard this news?

Absolutely nothing. The man was speechless and walked off the stage without acknowledging Amina at all.

5. Does having Peter’s baby mean Amina will reconsider staying with Peter?

“The moment that i decided that I absolutely cannot stay with him is when I found out that this is happening,” Amina said tearfully. “It’s totally messed up for me to be pregnant and by myself and that reaction from him just now proved to me what it’s gonna be with him and I.”

6. What happened when Peter returned to the stage?

Well, for starters, he wold only come back to the stage to speak to Tara, and Amina had to be brought backstage. That didn’t go over that well.

But when Peter finally spoke, he was in tears, and he apologized to Tara and told her, “I’ll never hurt you again because I’ll remove myself completely out of your life.”

7. Can Rashidah and Tahiry repair their friendship?

Sure doesn’t look like it. Rashidah continued to antagonize Tahiry over the booty shots she posts to her Instagram, and Tahiry continued to defend them as her livelihood, while also taking cheap shots at Rashidah’s weight. When Joe Budden added his two cents from the peanut gallery, Rashidah told him “I got somebody waiting for your ass. I’m not Consequence, I will end you and that’s a fact.”

8. How does Saigon feel about the women he has children with?

“I don’t give a f— about these women, honestly,” was the rapper’s shocking response. “You know why? Because they use the baby as a pawn.” This came after Erica Jean explained that having a son with Saigon was a premeditated decision on her part because she wanted a child, but Saigon says that she would not see him while she was pregnant and didn’t allow him at the birth, so he had some reasons to feel skeptical and suspicious of her. He says that’s why he demanded a DNA test from her during this season.

“If you didn’t think the baby was yours why didn’t you do the DNA test when I first brought the baby to you? Erica Jean asked.

9. Is Erica Mena still in love with Rich?

It’s round two for these guys on the big gold couch, and when mM’Nique asked Erica, who just got through explaining that Cyn makes her a better person, if she’s still in love with Rich, Erica pondered for a sec. “Am I still in love with Rich?…”

“Yes!” Cyn yelled. “I can answer that. She is.”

“I’m gonna be honest with you. Not no more,” Erica said.

10. Was Peter ever hard from again?

Not on this broadcast! After all was said and done at the taping, Peter chose not to return to the stage, even when the full cast said their goodbyes. “I’ve asked everyone to join be back onstage to say goodnight,” Mo’Nique said. And everyone did. Except for Peter. Ah, well. We’ll always have season five.