Woman On The Street: K.Michelle Talks To The Fans About Love & Hip Hop

You may have noticed that K.Michelle was not on the couch at this season’s Love & Hip Hop reunion show, but she did film a very special segment for VH1.com to make up for that. In this hilarious clip, we sent K out to talk to some of the show’s fans and find out what they think about the show. Some sample questions she throws at them all: “Who wears the pants in the Erica Mena-Rich Dollaz relationship?” “Should Tara and Amina both leave Peter?” and “Who has a better shot of making it in the music industry, Nya Lee or Erica Mena?” (When one fan responds “Erica Mena,” K.Michelle responds “You obviously don’t listen to music, do you?”)

Watch all of K’s hilarity in the clip above.