Did Benzino Get Engaged To His New Girlfriend, Althea Heart?

Benzino appears to be done with his search for a soulmate. Yesterday on Instagram, he posted the above photo of his new girlfriend, Althea Heart, with a ring on her finger, writing, “All my life i’ve been waiting for God to bless me with the stregnth to finally step up and be a MAN!! NO MORE GAMES! I DONT NEED A DATING SHOW!! CAUSE I HAVE FOUND MY ANGEL, I CAN SAY I KNOW WHAT LOVE IS NOW!!” This image was just one of many ring shots he posted to his page. Zino Grigio, we are genuinely happy for you.

It looks like Benzino and Althea have the blessing of several of his Love & Hip Hop co-stars, as there are photos of the couple posing with Stevie J, Joseline, Kirk, Rasheeda, and Traci Steele all over the place — but Benzino is not inviting Karlie Redd to the engagement party any time soon. It appears that he’s using his engagement to antagonize Karlie, as in the photos below.

The photo above contained the caption “In case there was any doubt!!! @iamkarlieredd.” The one below was more to the point.

What do you think of Benzino’s news? All we can say is this is going to be one hell of a season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Is it too much to hope for a wedding special?