Bottomless Brassiere: 16 More Things That Might Be Inside Amina’s Bra

If there’s anything we’ve learned this season about Amina Buddafly, aside from being a talented singer-songwriter and a woman entangled in a messy love triangle, it’s that she probably wears the most interesting bra in the history of reality TV.

Early this season, we all remember how she reached deep into her bra and pulled an ID to prove to Tara and the whole Love & Hip Hop universe the identity of the real Mrs. Pankey. We all know what happened next. And then last night, Amina once again produced truth from her bra in the form of a positive pregnancy test to show everyone that she’s carrying baby Gunz. That made Peter cry.

Amina’s bra was such an integral part of her storyline this season that we think it deserves to be a cast member on its own next season. Why not? The bra produced more drama than K.Michelle and Yandy Smith combined! Yes, there are more things in her bra than the usual. And her are 16 things that we think are lurking inside those cups.

1. More Pregnancy Tests – If Peter decides to multiply further.

2. Ratchet (Tool) – For car fixes and hitting someone’s head.

3. Her Guitar – Useful whenever inspirations strikes.

4. Another Bra–  For backup

5. More Bras – More room for more stuff

6. Peter’s Dirty Feet – Well we haven’t seen those dirty feet since it first appeared on the show so it must be hidden somewhere.

7. Her Heart Tattoo – Amina has a heart tattoo on her chest and she has plenty more love to give.

8. Stevie J– Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 3 is coming soon!

9. Mo’Nique – Her Bosom Buddy

10. Chris Christie – At this point, the embattled governor has nowhere else to hide but inside Amina’s bra.

11. A Mariachi Band – Just because they fit.

12. The Titanic – This also fits

13. Polar Vortex – Yep, there’s still room for a freak winter storm

14. Pharrell’s Famous Hat

15. Rich Dollaz’s Humongous Burrito – Definitely NOT Chipotle

16. Nick Cannon – A”Higher Power” than Gunz

Bacon makes me blush