The Writers Of Happy Endings Reveal Their Favorite Jokes From The Show
Our love for Happy Endings knows no bounds (and that’s why we are so happy it’s on VH1 every Wednesday from 6-8pm ET/PT). While we personally can’t pick just one favorite moment from the series, we asked a few of the show’s writers to choose the scenes that made them laugh the hardest or that were their favorite episodes to film. The general consensus? Any time Damon Wayans, Jr. dances, it’s comedy gold.

“I have many, but one of my favorite moments from Happy Endings is ’Brad Goes to the Dentist’ from the ’St. Valentine’s Day Maxssacre’ episode. Damon Wayans, Jr. is so amazingly physical and funny and that whole sequence was constructed and choreographed perfectly,” story editor and writer Gil Ozeri (now a writer for Brooklyn Nine-Nine), told VH1. His colleague, writer Jackie Clarke, also told us, “Any time Brad dances, I am obsessed.” Her favorite Brad dancing moment came during season two’s “Blax, Snake, Home” episode.

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