LeToya Luckett On Single Ladies Style And Anthony L. Williams’ Hidden Talents

As a boutique owner, LeToya Luckett has been in immersed in the fashion world for years, making it easy for her to get along with Single Ladies’ stylist Anthony L. Williams. The Project Runway alum has been outfitting the cast for the past two seasons and has charmed fans with his out-of-this-world personality. But apparently he has a performance streak of his own?

In our recent chat with the SL star, LeToya told us just how she really feels about Anthony, and what she’s willing to do to keep some of Felicia’s fresh looks after the show wraps.

You own a boutique in Houston, and Single Ladies is obviously very fashion-focused. Do you get along with Anthony, the show’s stylist?

I love him! “Yes, girlfriend,” is what he would say. Yes, he’s so much fun. And I think he gave each character their own kind of fashion thumbprint, if you will. He took the time to really get to know each character. For Felicia he only dresses me in black, which is a very powerful color. He throws in white every once in a while and if he’s really excited he’ll throw me in a red something. But he keeps it very simple and chic and very forward and I love that about him. I love it.

Has he let you take home any of the outfits? Do you have a favorite piece that you hope to keep?

No, no. I want to fight him for it because it’s a jacket that I feel I should have kept. But he won’t go for it. I’m going to see what I can do; I might have to go figure that out…make a phone call.

I’m sure you could make a deal. Maybe write song and call it “Anthony”?

Yeah, right [laughs]. He don’t care about that. He sings himself, don’t be fooled. Anthony can sing, he really can.

[Photo Credit: VH1]