Get The Love & Hip Hop Look: The Hair And Makeup Experts At The Teknique Agency Share Their Secrets

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The cast of Love & Hip Hop spends a good chunk of their time getting primped and primed for the camera, as you saw in our gallery of the cast in the makeup chair. But to find out just how they achieve their reunion looks, you need to go deeper. That’s why we’ve made friends with their stylists at The Teknique Agency, they’re the ones who actually make these looks come together, and they were more than happy to share the hair and makeup secrets of their celebrity clients. Want to know how to maintain a short pixie cut like Tara’s? Or the inspiration behind Yandy’s smokey eye? Look no further, we’ve got you covered.

Many thanks to Yannize Joshua, Tekoa Hash, and the stylists at The Teknique Agency for their tips and photos in the gallery above. You guys are making the world beautiful, one bold lip at a time.