Solid As A Rock: The VH1 Couples Whose Love Endures

  • La La Melo

  • Jackie Doug

  • Gloria Matt

  • Erica Cyn


  • Emily Fab

  • Stevie Jos

  • Ang Neil

  • Kimbella Juelz

  • Laura Gilbert

  • icole Michael

  • Chrissy Jim

For every dysfunctional love triangle that comes to light on reality TV, there’s a solid, healthy relationship to balance it out…somewhere. I know it may seem rare for serious and stable marriages to be shown on some of the most dramatic shows on television, but rest assured, they’re there. This Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d show you a few examples of the people who have made their love work, despite living in the spotlight, despite past relationships that proved rocky, and despite their own shortcomings. Yes, even a Life Partner Gang love triangle can turn into something legal and legit. Take a look at some of our favorite relationships that have withstood the tests of time, turbulence, and television.