Drinking + Dating: The Cast Of Single Ladies Offers Their Love Advice

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we headed to the experts to dish out some dating advice. (The experts being the cast of Single Ladies.) Today’s hot topic: drinking wile dating. Should you abstain while on your first date, or is it okay to imbibe a little bit to loosen up? The general consensus is to just use some common sense. “Don’t pass out. Try not to hurl on your date,” Harold House Moore advises. Noted!

We also asked who should pay for the date and the responses varied. While some of the guys proved chivalry is not dead and said men should always pay, the rule of thumb among other cast members was that the person doing the asking-out should pay. “If you can’t pay for my rice? And my chicken? And my lemonade? Then why are we here?” LeToya Luckett wants to know.