Watch With The Men Of Single Ladies Play Spin The Bottle

Did you get your Single Ladies MAN fix yet? If not, check out the handsome men of our hit show Single Ladies: DB Woodside, Terrell Tilford, Travis Winfrey, and House Moore on Access Hollywood’s live morning show. They dished details about sex, love and even played the infamous game Spin the Bottle!

Travis, who plays the outspoken Omar Kearse, accredits a major portion of the shows success to the strong presence of the men throughout the show. “It’s called Single Ladies and the name can be misleading. It is actually a show for men and how we as men interact with these single ladies.” 

As Malcolm Franks, DB Woodside is the male anchor of the show. He is an extremely successful, strong and smart businessman and is also the older brother of Terrance Franks, played by House Moore. Both Malcolm and Terrance share ownership in their family jewelry company. However, the brother’s are far from a dynamic duo.  They struggle to maintain power together and experience turbulence throughout their relationship. Terrance is unpredictable, stubborn but very hardworking. In the clip above, the men reveal what, if any, similarities they bear to their characters. House laughed at the fact that Terrence is “A man of little words but a lot of action.”

The brother’s arch nemesis on the show is Sean Clarke who is played by Terrell Tilford. Sean is opinionated and arrogant which, Terrell explains, are elements of his personality but “that’s not who I am.” In the clip below, watch as the men play Spin the Bottle with Access Hollywood hosts Holly Robinson Peete and Kit Hoover, and catch new episodes of Single Ladies every Monday night at 9pm.