Rooftop Face-Off: Are You Team Turkish Tea Or Team Detroit Elegance?

Basketball Wives LA’s newest cast members have made quite the splash already. Brittish, who hosted the explosive Turkish tea party took off her heels this week and was ready to fight the self-proclaimed “elegant” Brandi. Brittish said she just knew Brandi was the kind of bitch she just doesn’t like, and everything she does is so ’90s. (French tips, okay?) Brandi was attempting to resolve her own conflict with Sundy — whose business she had been in — but screamed right back, making sure to let Brittish know that she rents her home, and tweeting some shade about Brittish losing weight. It wasn’t pretty, but it sure gave us a better idea of who we’re dealing with.

Whose side are you on?

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—Damian Bellino