Karlie Explains Why She Did Erica So Dirty

Karlie goes behind Erica's back to find a spot for her shop and tells her new business parter why she bailed on Ms. Dixon.

Last week, Karlie and Erica’s business partnership was just starting out and things were looking good for the pair, but in a matter of days, Karlie turned on Erica. But why?

Seems that she started getting cold feet working with Erica, who she considers to have no experience and had different priorities than she does. “The other business partner I had,” Karlie tells her new business partner, Nyisha, “it seemed like she didn’t understand the vision. I wanted to be in a mall. She wanted to be in the streets.” It’s amazing what one letter can do, right? Erica wants to be on a street, but when you change that to streets…shaaaade.

Do you have faith in Karlie’s new spot?