Basketball Wives LA Episode 3 Recap: An Anniversary To Remember

Not feeling Brandi.

Brittish had a great time hosting the ladies at her Turkish tea party last week, she tells the always scheming Jackie. “You had fun kicking Brandi outta your house?” asks henchwoman Sundy.

Brittish levels with us and says, “I’m not feeling Brandi at all.” WE KNOW. More about how she feels like Brandi thinks she’s better than everybody. And the claws are out. Brittish wonders why Brandi is jealous of her.

“You don’t have no career. You don’t go to work. You so mad you somebody got some individuality and all you got is a couple of kids…”

Sundy pipes up, “And a bad makeup artist.”

Then Jackie effortlessly (not) moves the conversation to Draya’s outfit from the tea party.

“It was giving me Draya in the strip club when her name was ‘Miami,’” Sundy says. Remember her face last week?

Brittish is feasting on this reveal while Jackie is telling Sundy not to call Draya by her former stripper name. Sundy is all, I can call her whatever I want.

“She’s a little maniac,” says Jackie.

“And I’m the Tasmanian devil,” responds Sundy.

Us vs. Them

On the other side Draya, Brandi and Malaysia are talking some “them verses us.” “They are a very aggressive group, and I thought I was aggressive,” admits Draya. “Go back to Turkey,” screams Brandi.

The ladies think that Brittish saying, “I don’t like you ’cause you’re elegant and I’m ghetto,” was downright immature.

Draya says Brittish’s behavior is suspect “because when I was 23, I wouldn’t be hanging out with no 50-year-old.”

“Maybe Brittish just doesn’t do well in groups. A lot of 5-year-olds don’t,” Draya theorizes.

The ladies then wonder what the hell is going on with this very disorganized, ambiguous LGBT event that Jackie is organizing. She assigned duties to the other ladies but has assigned herself foreman. Malaysia rolls her eyes at the lack of communication about money.

“We’re here to help her. I’m not helping to fund anything,” emphasizes Brandi.

Jackie is busy trying to get her relationship back on the good side with her daughter Chantel who just moved back to Los Angeles for her career. Chantel said that she sees Jackie for what she is now and is excited to make things good with them. Jackie asks if that means Chantel wouldn’t consider letting her meddle help her business affairs. Jackie full on asks to be Chantel’s “momager.” Chantel says nope.

After the ladies business talk, they move to a mother-daughter chat about Chantel’s love life and whom she’s dating. Turns out Chantel was sort of dating…Orlando — serious boyfriend of Miss Draya.

Chantel explains that they never slept together but “never once did he let on that he had a girlfriend or was talking to someone.”

Eventually Chantel figured there was a she (Draya) out because she says a girl always finds out. “I have been in this man’s house. I did washed a couple dishes.”

Back in paradise, Draya and Orlando are celebrating their six-month anniversary with champagne and strawberries and Draya’s ass on the granite counter tops. Orlando has to learn how to pop a bottle without so much waste. Draya says she’s living the dream.

“You wanna be able to just tell the world that you’re just gushing and that’s part of being a girl –– and I’m just so happy that I can do that.”

Then Orlando pulls a sneak attack and hands Draya a surprise. A gift. A small jewelry box. Draya wonders if it’s a ring. Does my best friend need to be here? My mom? Orlando tells her he believes in marriage but to put on the brakes because he’s only 26.

Meanwhile Draya confesses, “I want a ring because I am very much in love with my man but also because I am ready for that next step and I just don’t wanna be a girlfriend.”

Jackie and her husband Doug go on a double date with Brittish and her fiancé  Lorenzo. Brittish and Lorenzo are curious to know more about Jackie and Doug because they’re getting married soon and they want to know what their future will look like. Jackie and Doug get right down to it spewing out some sex advice!

“Do you guys fantasize?” Asks Jackie, who reveal that she has played Halle Berry a few times for Doug. He can be her “favorite” Ben “A-ffleck” too.

“I definitely don’t want to think about Jackie and Doug role-playing in the bedroom,” admits Brittish.

Back on the other side, Draya is out for drinking night with Brandi and Malaysia. She opens up about her anniversary night with Orlando and gets real with the ladies that she and Orlando still use condoms because she’s being careful. She feels like it’s a mature way to approach things and is proud of herself for having that awareness.

Draya finds out that their husbands have cheated them and that you may hurt but you need to figure out what comes along with this kind of lifestyle. Draya is defeated.

At brunch Jackie tells Draya that she does love her as a friend and sister which is why she needs to open up to her about what she knows. Sundy, excited to watch Draya react to the news, urges Jackie to speed it up. The bomb hits that in the beginning of their relationship Orlando was also seeing Chantel. Draya’s denies it.

“No, not my man.” But Jackie says, “Yes, baby.” And turns her phone around to say she has proof because of course she does.