In Honor Of Her Birthday, We Present Great Moments In K. Michelle History

For those of us who have been rocking with K. Michelle since her first mixtape, What’s The 901?, we’ve long known how talented and funny the Memphis-bred reality star and recording artist was. Thankfully, because of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, now everyone else is getting to see what her longtime fans have always known to be true. In honor of K. Michelle’s birthday, we want to celebrate her finest moments on VH1.

Happy, happy birthday, K. Michelle. You deserve all of the good things happening to you right now. Also, your new mixtape, Still No F**ks Given, is it.

Never forget how we first met the mouth of Memphis!

Mimi may not have enjoyed this musical ode to her LHHATL storyline, but the rest of us cackled enough at it for her.

One can also never, ever forget K. Michelle’s infamous confrontation with Karlie Redd — where we first heard the phrase, “Don’t shake the table unless you wanna get shook.” FYI: I still use “shake the table” and I will never stop. Thank you forever, K.

When Rasheeda questioned K. Michelle’s claims of abuse by an ex-boyfriend, all hell broke loose and the two took forever and ever to reach a peace accord.

K. Michelle might’ve accused Rasheeda of biting Shawty Lo’s flow, being older than Medusa, and threw a candle at her, but hey, when she wants to end a beef, she ends a beef. It was a nice moment of maturity for both of the ladies. Applause, applause.

K. Michelle and Karlie Redd give peace a chance.

Bless Ariane’s heart, but she was not ready to be K. Michelle’s background singer that day, only the usually snarky K managed to keep it cute and subtle.

Well, this was a great night for K. Michelle until Mimi brought up the drama from the video shoot backstage. Awkward, but made for great TV.

Praise the Lord and apologies.

Then Mimi and K. Michelle make it right.

After K. Michelle left Atlanta, she joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop: New York — serving as a combination of the comic relief and spiritual advisor — like a Mother Love, for you 1990s enthusiasts.

K. Michelle had reached her “full circle” moment when she performed her debut solo single, “V.S.O.P.” at the LHHATL reunion. As a lover of both brown liquor and soul music, I love how K. Michelle brought two of my favorites together. Sang, K.

An encore performance, because it’s her birthday, y’all.