Mugshots: The Best Snarls & Hairy Eyes From This Week’s Basketball Wives LA

  • always-naked

  • immature

  • who’s-paying

  • candles

  • character

  • it’s-orlando

  • would-have-chosen-another-job

  • that’s-weird

  • yes-they-have-cheated

  • egging-it-on

  • gotta-something-to-tell-you

  • I-wanna-see-it

  • not-my-man

The ladies are mugging. Check out the second edition of our favorite snarls and hairy eyes from this week’s Basketball Wives LA. Things that can induce a snarl: not being given funds for the gift bags you’re putting together for an event, one too many mimosas at brunch or insisting you can call Draya by her stripper name. Things that induce hairy eye: talking about each other’s men, talking about sexual fantasies at a dinner date and most anything involving Jackie Christie. Pose for the camera now!