Draya, Malaysia And Brandi Throw More “Shaaaaade” At Their Co-Stars On Arsenio

Last week, Brittish, Sundy, and Jackie appeared on Arsenio and they had nothing nice to say about their three other Basketball Wives LA co-stars. Since they got plenty of digs in at Draya’s stripper past, it was Draya, Malaysia and Brandi’s turn to throw shade, and they took aim too, most notably at Brittish.

When Arsenio pointed out that it was recommended that he interview the ladies in groups and not all together, he wondered “Is it that bad”? Are you all not getting along to that degree?”

“I just think they wanted to save the best for last,” Malaysia explained. They later took aim at everything from Brittish’s weight to the other women’s “fake” businesses and boy, did they not hold back. Watch the clip and see for yourself.