Secrets, Meltdowns + Mom Issues: The Top 5 Moments From Season 4 Of Couples Therapy

On this season of Couples Therapy, luckily we were spared some of the interpersonal drama that the show sometimes provides (remember the Joe Francis Vs. Flavor Flav showdown last season?) but that doesn’t mean things were boring in the old CT house. Farrah Abraham’s life was a constant source of frustration for everyone, with her sex-tape-or-porno-? mystery making everyone curious and accusatory toward her. Meanwhile, she also dealt with family demons, too, and we saw the root of some of her problems come to light during a visit from her mom. But while Farrah captivated us to no end, Taylor Armstrong’s episode two meltdown, above, really set the season off. Let’s go back and relive some of the biggest, craziest, most intense moments of the season as it comes to a close.

Farrah Reveals Her Sex Tape Secret

While Taylor’s freakout made us all a little worried, the spotlight eventually turned to Farrah, whose secretive past (including certain secrets that she couldn’t reveal publicly) really irked her co-stars. When they all became a little too curious about her sex tape, she finally had to come clean.

Jon Kills The Dining Room

Jon Gosselin’s marriage played out so publicly that it’s impossible to hear his name without thinking of his ex, Kate. Their relationship is the source of years-worth of stress, and Jon finally released all that pent up emotion when he took out his aggression in the “rage house.” Nothing relaxes a person like beating the hell out of a dinette set.

Farrah Has A Sit-Down With Her Mom

Beyond the sex tape, Farrah’s childhood also plays a huge part in the way she interacts and relates to people. When her mom, Debra, came in for a family session, it was clear that Farrah is used to not receiving the kind of affection and approval she seeks. If you thought Farrah could be distant, just watch the way her mom treats her.

Ghost’s Women Meet

Anyone familiar with Love & Hip Hop knows that there are a lot of men in the music industry who think they can get away with two-timing their ladies. Ghostface Killah is one of them, and when he revealed to Kelsey that he was also in a relationship with a woman named Latrice, he thought it was only right that they meet so he could pick his favorite. These women weren’t having it though, and they both ditched Ghost.