VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: The Couples Celebrate Their Journey On The Couples Therapy Season Finale

This week marked the season finale of Couples Therapy where the couples toasted one another and celebrated the end of their journey. On Basketball Wives LA, Jackie revealed some shocking news to Draya about her man, Orlando, while on Single Ladies, Raquel and Terrence took their relationship to the next level. VH1’s primetime line-up was all about romance as we highlight the best moments from this past week.

Couples Therapy: The Couples Share A Goodbye Toast

This season of Couples Therapy has been filled with many surprising moments; from Farrah showing up to therapy alone to Ghostface revealing to Kelsey that he has been dating another woman – the journey has been long and winding. As Dr. Jenn and the couples celebrate the conclusion of therapy, everyone goes around the room and makes a toast to celebrate their journey, the new skills and tools they’ve learned, and what they hope to take away from this experience. It was heartwarming to watch Kelsey, Ghostface, Jon, Liz, Farrah, Whitney, Sada, Taylor, and John share their final thoughts and end this experience in such a positive way.

Basketball Wives LA: Jackie Shocks Draya

During this past episode of Basketball Wives LA, Jackie’s daughter, Chantel, revealed to her mom that while Orlando Scandrick was dating Draya, he was also interested in her. Chantel noted that they frequently texted one another and he invited her to his home in Texas. Of course, Jackie could not keep this news to herself as she told both Doug and Sundy. In a strange turn of events, Jackie decided to break the news to Draya about Orlando and Chantel…in front of Sundy and Malaysia. Probably not the best idea, Jackie. How will Draya react to the news? Will this threaten her friendship with Jackie?!

Single Ladies: Raquel and Terrence Turn Up The Heat

After Terrence saved Raquel from Deacon, the two took their relationship to the next level as we witnessed their steamy love scene on the balcony. Ever since Raquel kissed Terrence at Glam Walk, we have been eagerly waiting for these two to rekindle their romance. The chemistry between them has been obvious since they started working together on Cut and we are excited to see them transition their business relationship to a personal one. Will they regret their frisky love session in the morning (like Terrence did that kiss)? We hope not!!

Will Draya believe Jackie’s news about Orlando and Chantel? What will come of Raquel and Terrence’s night together?

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