Bang-Marry-Kill: Terrence, Malcolm And David

GAME NIGHT! This might just rank as our all-time favorite Single Ladies scene ever for two reasons. One: Omar’s Carlton Banks “It’s Not Unusual” dance. And two: the hilarious version of Bang-Marry-Kill that the women play. We love Felicia even more after listening to her logic about why she’d kill George Clooney (“He’s old…Why would you expect me to date a man well into his 50s? Ew.”)

Of course that got us thinking about which of the very sexy men on the show we’d play that game with ourselves. It’s a near-impossible task (Lord knows we’ve thought about it and can’t decide what to do), but we want to know what you’d do with Terrence, Malcolm and David. Who would you bang, who would you marry and who would you kill?