Who Is Jackie’s Daughter? Chantel Christie’s Music Career & More

On Monday night’s Basketball Wives LA the only thing that could distract Jackie from her disastrous LGBT event was the Draya-Orlando-Chantel love triangle. When Jackie and Doug discussed Chantel’s relationship with Draya’s football player boyfriend, Chani told her parents, “Orlando is nothing. He’s not even worth mentioning.” When Jackie asked Chani if she’d be willing to talk to Draya about the whole thing, Chantel gave the ultimate read.

“Draya’s about to be unemployed. You can’t sell swimsuits in the winter, honey. Do something else. Write a book. I wrote a book at 14. Record an album. I recorded two. I would love to talk to her. I can tell her how to really run a business, you know? And we can pow-wow. I think she’ll walk away feeling inspired.”

Yikes. With such big talk, you know we had to Google Chantel (don’t be mad, Sundy!) to see what kind of product she’s putting out there and she wasn’t lying. Girl’s got her own Amazon page and everything. Check out Chantel’s book I Want to Live: A Teenager’s Guide to Finding Self-Love  and listen to a sampling from her sophomore album lyrics & lipstick and let us know what you think in the comments. Should Draya sit down with Chantel and get some business advice? What do you think of Chani’s music?