Game On For Game Night: Single Ladies Stylist Anthony L. Williams Breaks Down The Episode 10 Wardrobe

  • NaomiBlack Dress

  • April Pink Top

  • Felicia Red Dress

  • Raquel Fringe Top

  • Felicia White Suit

  • KeishaRed

  • R Bra

You must be functional when it comes to game night. That’s what Anthony L. Williams thinks, because if you’re playing charades and you can’t move in your outfit, Anthony will have no problem kicking you off his team. Once again, the Single Ladies stylist reveals his tips and secrets for all the looks he put together on this week’s episode, from Raquel’s sexy, shredded top to Keisha’s body-hugging red dress (“Beyonce said ’Give me body,’ and Keisha said ’I am here!'”) and beyond.