Basketball Wives LA Episode 4 Recap: A Dry-Ass “Hi” & A “Girl, Bye”

Things pick up this week on Basketball Wives LA with Jackie delivering the details of the Draya-Orlando-Chantel not-love-triangle to Draya while in the company of Sundy and Malaysia. Oh, they’re at brunch too. Draya said she heard about Chantel and a football player before but it’s old news and it wasn’t her man, it was his best friend. Sundy says she’s not buying it.

“I’m not buying it Draya. I’m not buying the whole friend thing and you trying to put the blame on the friend.”

Jackie then says she has the text messages from Chantel and Orlando and tells Malaysia and Sundy not to involve themselves even though she’s doing this at brunch in front of them and invited them. Draya’s says the messages aren’t really incriminating but it is her man. Then she’s all like, okay, I’m leaving — girl, bye.

It ain’t my man.

Malaysia says it was malicious. “I felt like the intent was, ‘Oh bitch, you say you happy? Well I got some information. Boom! You not that happy.”

“This is my turn to be happy,” proclaims Draya. “And be that,” Malaysia tells her.

Does she know about me?

At the Christie residence, Jackie confides in Chantel that she did break her promise and did tell her dad about the Orlando drama. Chantel says, “Orlando is nothing. He is not even worth mentioning.” Jackie recounts the whole story to Doug and Chani and how she shouldn’t have even told Draya.

I’m like this but then I’m like this.

Hindsight is always 20/20, huh Jacks?

Chantel says she really doesn’t care. She says, “I’m worried about the check. Draya’s worried about the balls.” Then proceeds to talk about her many business ventures.

Let me “do Draya!”

Sundy fills Brittish and her dog, Lulu, on what went down with Draya and Jackie. Impersonating Draya, Sundy says Draya came to Orlando’s defense.

“Are you serious? You have to be on planet Lulu to think that this man is talking to his friend or however it went…that’s some real stupid delusion shit,” mocks Brittish.

Who’s a dumb bitch?

The twosome talk about how this is Draya’s first time getting to be claimed by a man. Sundy says it’s the first time Draya isn’t the “jump-off,” the “side shit,” and/or “the so-called-whore.”

Back in paradise, Draya tells Orlando that she misses him so much and asks him to fly from Dallas to Los Angeles but *surprise* it’s because she wants to know what’s up with this Chantel ish.

Orlando comes clean but says he talked to her for a minute and he invited her over his place when he had friends over. She stayed for five minutes.

There should never be a time where I’m hearing about you…

He doesn’t even remember what she looks like. “I remember she has a mole, she has brown skin and she’s chubby.”

“I get it she can be a smash-and-pass but my thing is there should never be a time when I sit down with ladies and they have news for me about my boyfriend,” confesses a visibly hurt Draya.

Orlando’s eyes are glassy and he is apologetic. Do you think he’s telling the truth? Draya says that he makes a lot of mistakes but he said he was sorry and she’ll probably get a nice gift and keep her eye on him.

It’s the day of the GLAAD event, y’all! Jackie gets to the venue and it’s not decorated, there are no gift bags, no friends. Her assistant isn’t answering his phone and she is starting to sweat. Jackie calls Brittish, Sundy, Malaysia and Ariane (oh, hey, remember Ariane??) and no one is answering.

Jackie’s assistant finally shows and she asks him,

“Do you want me to go off on you in this motherf**ker?” Jackie decides he no longer works for her and then Sundy arrives and Jackie breathes her first breath. She proceeds to reintroduce Sundy to Doug (“Sundy, you remember Doug?”). Yo, isn’t the whole thing that Sundy and Jackie are tight? She doesn’t know her husband like that? OKAY.


Malaysia finally arrives and is pissed that Jackie and Sundy are giving her an attitude and telling her she’s late. Brandi says you know Malaysia is pissed because she’s got her high pitched white-girl-voice on. Sundy says she didn’t realize Malaysia wasn’t told to come early.

Things seem to be settling down but then Jackie’s all, “Of course Draya isn’t going to show up to my event. Typical Draya.” Malaysia grills her, “It’s your own fault. You told her the Orlando news. I wouldn’t have come either.” Jackie’s got the sweat under control and thinks she’s right. “I should have waited and then she would have come.”

Even Sundy gets you a drink.

Rewind your DVR and next you can actually see Sundy bring Malaysia a drink. So the girls are getting along. They toast to a great GLADD event when Brittish finally enters. “Don’t be mad at me, Jackie,” she yells as she walks in. So much for happy endings.

Brittish is going over the details of the auction with Jackie when Malaysia comes up to talk to Jackie. Oh, Miss Brittish does not like Malaysia’s dry-ass hello and decides she’s going to have words with her about it.

Approaching Malaysia she says she doesn’t know what Malaysia’s discrepancy is but she’s always got this ‘tude. Malaysia says it was a general hello but Brittish tells her not to get smart with her. It soon turns to Malaysia’s hand in Brittish’s face and Brittish taking her shoes off. Brandi gets herself in the middle of them. “Yo, why you always gotta take off your motherf**king shoes!” The world may never know.