VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Felicia Has An Emotional Breakdown On Single Ladies

VH1’s primetime line-up showcased the opposing sides of a person this week. On Single Ladies, April and Raquel saw a softer and more vulnerable side of Felicia when she had an emotional breakdown after speaking to her ex-husband on the phone. In a similar fashion, on Basketball Wives LA the claws came out at Jackie’s GLAAD event when Brittish and Malaysia began arguing over how Malaysia greeted Brittish. Check out highlights from this past week on VH1.

Single Ladies: Felicia Breaks Down

Felicia Price was first introduced to us as a strong, fierce, successful, and independent woman. At times she could be condescending, rude, and as April would say evil…remember when Felicia blatantly called April stupid?! Nevertheless, every so often we get a glimpse of Felicia’s softer side – from giving April career advice to applauding Omar’s work, we have seen a more human side of this ice queen. This week, April and Raquel overhear Felicia arguing on the phone with her ex-husband. After the heated argument, we were shocked to see Felicia break down in tears.

Basketball Wives LA: Brittish vs. Malaysia

From the very beginning Jackie’s GLAAD event has been a recipe for disaster. From the women arguing at the first meeting to the ladies not knowing their assigned roles and to everyone not showing up on time, it would have been a miracle if this event went off without a hitch. When Malaysia arrives to the event and gives Brittish a “dry hello”, Brittish becomes frustrated with being overlooked and confronts Malaysia about her greeting. Their argument is on the verge of getting physical when Brandi and the other women step in to break these women apart. Was this really the time or place for this minor issue to be addressed?

Did Brittish and Malaysa overreact at Jackie’s party? Will Felicia and April have a better relationship moving forward?

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