Nochetussin + Dead Racist Parrots: Happy Endings Star Casey Wilson Reveals Her Favorite Show Moments

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Fans of Happy Endings are still pretty sad that the show ended after just three seasons (full disclosure: this means me). But we’re a die-hard group and we still have a lot of love for the hilarious comedy that starred Damon Wayans, Adam Pally, Casey Wilson, Eliza Coupe, Zachary Knighton and Elisha Cuthbert. Since we know how devoted the show’s fans are, VH1 has been airing episodes of Happy Endings on Sundays at 10:30AM ET/PT, and we’ve been talking to the cast and crew about some of their favorite moments from the show. This week we spoke to Casey Wilson about what it was like to play Penny Hartz — from her favorite scenes to her famous catchphrases. A couple key things we learned: even when she’s drunk, Casey is not fluent in Italian like Penny, and she’s never seen any gifs that superfans have made of her. We’re about to change that.

Read on for our interview with Casey!

Do you have a favorite episode or moment from the show?

Oh my gosh, so many. I loved shooting the scene with Adam [Pally] where Max and Penny were addicted to Nochetussin and we become like, drug addicts and we’re fighting each other for the last bit of Nochetussin. I loved shooting that, it was so fun and so ridiculous. And in that same episode, I loved when we shot the intervention where we intervened on each other at the same time. I loved doing anything with Damon where, it got so farcical and broad because the two of us are the most broad actors in the world so when you put us together they basically had to cut most of it, when we were both lying to Alex that we killed her bird. I loved doing that. And I loved shooting and singing with Megan Mullally, that was so much fun.

Penny was known for her catchphrases, did those come from you or the writers?

Honestly, that was all the writers. 100%. I think there was a small shift in the character right after the pilot into just, a more positive girl looking for love as opposed to a jaded girl looking for love but I think other than that, the writers always came up with insane, amazing catchphrases and abbreviations for her, it was really them.

Do you at least speak Italian? Penny was fluent in Italian when she was drunk, that seems like something that was born out of your real life skills.

I don’t! I do not know Italian. They day before we shot that, they had a coach come and give me a DVD and I just learned it. I didn’t even really know what I was saying. The coach came to work with me and I think I’m an okay mimic so I tried to mimic completely what was on the DVD. I just tried to make it sound real.

Are you familiar with any of the Happy Endings gifs that fans have made of you?

Oh my gosh! Not only am I not familiar, I haven’t seen any of them! Tell Grandma how to get to the gifs. [They’re right here!] I love that. I was so terrified of the internet after Saturday Night Live that I don’t check stuff but it warms my heart to hear that they’re out there. We’re so obsessed with Happy Endings fans because everyone is so nice and normal and they just like the show. Everyone I meet is always so nice.

I’m still sad that we won’t be getting any new episodes.

Me too. It’s like going to college and everyone leaves and goes to their jobs and it’s like, aren’t we all going to be together again? We’d love to find a way to work together again, believe me, I’m trying. I’ll be lucky if I can get these guys at my wedding.

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