Basketball Wives LA Episode 5 Sneak Peek: What’s Your Beef With Draya?

The ladies are trying to get past the drama from the Draya-Orlando-Chantel reveal and the messiness of Jackie’s GLAAD event and decide to organize a trip to Palm Springs. Sitting poolside, Sundy, Jackie and Brandi (yo, they’re all drunk right?) discuss how Jackie can best rectify things with Draya to make sure they have a great vacation. Brandi says that maybe the setting wasn’t ideal to tell your friend what’s up with her man but Jackie and Sundy shrug it off.

“There ain’t no wrong environment. F**k that,” Jackie barks.

Sundy slurs that “Er’rybody knows anyway. So I don’t get the point whether she told her by herself or whether she told her…”

“Exactly, I wouldn’t care if me and Draya when to Magic mother**king Mountain (for reference) and got on a ride and I told her,” says Jackie

“Er’rybody know. You know, I know, Malaysia knows, [censored] er’rybody knows…”

Oh boy! That last part is like all spoken over one another at the same time. Brandi looks like she doesn’t know what to say next. So what do you think? Do you think Draya and the rest of the girls are going to show to plan the Palm Springs trip or is just going to be Brandi and these two? Watch episode five of Basketball Wives LA on Monday night at 8PM ET/PT to find out.