Ho to Housewife! Top WTF Moments From Basketball Wives LA Episode 5

It has just started! This week on Basketball Wives LA Malaysia and Brandi made nice with Sundy to try and bury the hatchet and plan a trip with all the ladies. The drama was turned up and things start to get real. We chose our top three WTF moments from this week’s episode. Follow along and let us know what you thought was totally cray.

Jackie and Brittish rehash what went down at the GLAAD event specifically Malaysia’s dry-ass-hellos and Draya not showing. Brittish goes off on the dry greetings saying,

“I don’t tolerate disrespect. I don’t tolerate three things. That’s bullshit, bullshit and bullshit. That’s it.”

When it came to Draya not attending her party, Jackie says that Draya didn’t come because she was angry. Jackie says she has nothing but love for Draya but she wishes she had more respect for herself and would act like a woman not a child.

“The mileage on her body is in the 40s. 50s! She’s really older. She’s used and abused herself to the point of no return so now you gotta man that’s willing to say, ‘Okay, you dirty, you filthy – come here. Let me bathe you and wash you cause you so dirty and filthy. And then we’ll buy you some stuff to make you look pretty.’ You know what I’m saying? But you cannot make a ho into a housewife.”


Meanwhile Draya and Malaysia are trying to cleanse themselves from the drama that’s surrounding them. As Malaysia says,

“After last night’s event what better way to detox than getting wrapped up, dressed up like a mummy and gossiping with Draya?!”

Draya said that she didn’t go to the event because Jackie annoyed her. She also said that Jackie should focus more on trying to meet up with her rather than trying to force Malaysia and Brittish to make amends. When it comes to Brittish, Malaysia don’t care because she knows Brittish has no home training.

“I have no interest in getting to know her. Looking at her dry-ass hair. Looking at them saggy ass titties.”

WTF?!? Sweat out that drama, ladies.

Jackie and Sundy finally get to Palm Springs and Brandi is the first to join them. No one knows if Malaysia or Draya are going to join but it has been made clear that Brittish was not invited to avoid drama. Jackie and Sundy are all, is Draya gonna come and start something and why does it matter where we told her about Orlando? Brandi tries to tell explain that if Jackie and Draya are friends then you need to try and, you know, be considerate of how people may take news like that. They don’t have a lot of time for that. And Jackie’s all,

“My vacation’s already over!”

Draya and Malaysia still haven’t shown when rumble, rumble there they are running through picking their wedgies and making their way to the house, stumbling around carrying a bottle.