Stylist Anthony L. Williams Reveals All His Wardrobe Secrets For Single Ladies Episode 11

  • Raquel Nightgown

  • Feicia

  • Raquel Silver Skirt

  • Raquel Blue Dress

  • Keisha Red Skirt

  • April Skirt

  • April Shorts

  • Raquel Sweats

  • Keisha Final

  • Raquel Pants

  • Felicia Suit

  • Raquel Purple

  • April Plaid

  • Raquel1

  • April

Here’s why we love the style on Single Ladies so much: even when these women are dressing down, they look amazing. Last night’s episode saw Raquel in a lot of pajamas and leggings, as she waited around her apartment for Terrence to call. But when it came time for her to hit the town, she tore off those sweats and turned it up in a hot bustier and even hotter white pants.

Stylist Anthony L. Williams has provided us with all the wardrobe details from last night’s show so you’ll know where to find all the looks that appeared on the episode. Check out the fashion gallery for all the information.