Mean Girls! Basketball Wives LA‘s Jackie Christie Tells Us Who Was Mean To Her And How She Fought Back

On Monday night, Jackie Christie tweeted during episode 5 of Basketball Wives LA, “Never be a mean girl. I must say I was a bit mean.” We caught up with the reality star and asked her what was behind that cryptic tweet and what exactly she has done that she deems mean. The businesswoman told us that it was a in part about the girls on the show and the way Draya handled the news of Chantel and Orlando when she broke it to her. It was also in part due to Twitter trolls saying some pretty vicious things to Jackie.

“I never intended to hurt Draya and I made that clear to her when I explained to her [what was going on with Chantel and Orlando]. I felt like it would not have been fair to know that this gentleman and Chantel was talking. Draya and my friendship is – we’re building our friendship. We’ve known each other a long time. I look at her like a little sister regardless of our issues. I will always protect her if I can,” Jackie told us.

So if she never meant to hurt Draya or start anything, why involve Sundy and Malaysia in her big reveal? “When you’re doing a show that’s your reality. And Sundy was a part of my reality and her being there – you know maybe I should have told Draya privately but, like, we’re all friends. It’s not really a big deal – there was no intimacy involved – but [Orlando] was talking to [Chantel] and so on and so forth. I just wanted it to be out there so it wasn’t like ‘Jackie kept a huge secret’ or ‘she was being shady.’ Nothing like that.”

And that’s how the meanness began, according to Ms. Christie. “Once it started unfolding, mean things were said and then I was saying mean things back. You know I felt like that’s not cool. I like to lead by example and my heart is always pure. I’ve always been clear on that. I just felt like the way [Draya] handled and took it was kinda not nice but I had to put myself in her shoes and say maybe she’s just responding to the hurt she feels. And Draya has this little crop of fans, probably 400 or 500 of them that just continue to say mean things [to me]. I remember saying something cruel back and I thought, no, that’s not who I am. That’s not what I’m going to do. I wanted to send that message out to not just the fans – and say, ‘Come on, participate! Let’s have fun. Watch the show, watch our journey – but also to Draya and the rest of the girls on the show. This isn’t something we need to get into on Twitter.”

We all know this isn’t the first time Jackie’s been accused of stirring things up, so what do you think? Is Jackie’s heart always pure, and the drama just follows her? Do you think Draya was being a mean girl too?

[Photo: Instagram]