Basketball Wives LA Episode 6 Sneak Peek: Miami’s In The House

Oh child, speaking of mean girls. Looks like Palm Springs is about to get wild on the next Basketball Wives LA.

Draya and Malaysia finally show up to the house where Draya appears to be visibly going through it. Jackie asks her how she is since they haven’t spoken since all the Orlando-Chantel non-relationship drama. Draya says she’s doing fine but Sundy keeps asking her if she wants to be there because it doesn’t look like she does. Sundy is on repeat, telling Draya to leave if she doesn’t want to be there with them. (Notice Malaysia around the 1:05 mark giving Jackie a yo-make-this-ish-stop look.) Finally Sundy drops it and excuses herself into the kitchen and Draya mutters something about, “Get your ratchet ass on!” Always pure hearted Jackie makes sure Sundy heard Draya. Then it goes down with Sundy calling Draya by her stripper name “Miami” and saying she didn’t even tip her when she saw her dancing in Philly. (That’s not what she said before!) It’s a whole hot mess. GOOD THING THEY DIDN’T INVITE BRITTISH!

Watch episode six of Basketball Wives LA on Monday night at 8PM ET/PT to find out what happens next.