The Top SMDH Moments from Basketball Wives LA Episode 6

Yeah, I’m Miami!

Ooh, mama. Things are getting hot in Palm Springs on Basketball Wives LA where Miami rose from the ashes, Jackie stirred that pot and Sundy took it all off. The drama reached a season high and it didn’t seem to matter one bit that Brittish wasn’t invited. Wasn’t that supposed to spare them some of the chaos? We went through and chose our top SMDH moments from this week’s episode so follow along and let us know what you thought!

Come round the sofa!

Draya and Malaysia show up “chocolate wasted” and Jackie sees that Draya is going through it. A conversation between the two of them escalates as Sundy involves herself asking why Draya even came if she doesn’t want to be there. When Draya mumbles something about Sundy being ratchet, Jackie puts Draya on blast to make sure Sundy heard. (Just because?!) Brandi is all, “What are you even doing, Jackie? She didn’t even hear her.” An angry Sundy starts fighting dirty right out of the gate, calling Draya by her stripper name, “Miami!” Soon both ladies are yelling at one another and they start taking low blows about each other’s children. Sundy dares Draya to come around the sofa and Draya literally steps right over it to give Sundy a shiner. SDMH.

Sundy, you got it in my eye!

Draya is very emotional and Brandi, Malaysia and Jackie try to console her. Meanwhile Sundy is putting on her sneakers because she’s ready to go outside and get her hit in. Jackie begs her to just chill out and talk with the girl but Sundy is all, “I’m not mad but I’m ready to go outside.” Eventually Jackie sits down with Draya and they talk about what Orlando said about Chantel seeing his friend, etc. Jackie doesn’t seem to believe Draya but she takes it in stride and tries to get Sundy and Draya to resolve their conflict. Sundy does come over but for revenge. She takes one look at them and throws her drink in Draya’s face. “You got it in my eye,” screams Jackie. Oh lawd. SMDH.

Run, Sundy, Run!

Finally the ladies start to cool off poolside and everyone is in better spirits. Brandi is making jokes, asking Jackie to be honest with them about whether or not she and Doug have threesomes. Jackie laughs it off, saying that they fantasize about doing it but they remain faithful to one another and don’t bring other people in. Jackie then admits that they have fantasized about Brandi and in the past Malaysia too. Malaysia can’t handle this information and runs away. SMH.

Meanwhile, Sundy is desperate to jump in the pool even though the other women say they’re not getting in. (Maybe the chlorine is good for her eye?) So she takes a dip then starts to take it all off. Throwing her bikini top she runs around the house totally buck naked!?!? SMDH.


The ladies settle down (Jackie puts her pjs on!) and have dinner. Sundy mocks Draya at dinner, “What?! What?! What?! Did you just get out of prison?” SMH. Draya says simply that they all should be more supportive of one another rather than coming for each other constantly. She says that talking about each other’s choices and especially when their families are involved is really cruel when they don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s an honest moment for the basketball wives, where they each acknowledge that they’re all just doing the best that they can as mothers. Sundy and Draya break down a bit. Jackie seems pleased that they’re connecting.

Of course things don’t stay calm for long with these gals. That next morning the girls are feeling their liquor and bruises from the night before. Sundy’s eye is swollen and black-and-blue, Draya’s voice is shot. Malaysia and Draya try to be real with the other girls, saying that they don’t need to verbalize every little thing that they do or do not agree with in each other’s lives. Draya has had enough “Peace out, catch ya on the flip side, motherf—er,” Draya says as she walked out. Jackie says Draya plays victim all the time but she and Sundy are both culpable for their actions. SMDH.