Jackie Christie Recaps Episode 6 Of Basketball Wives LA: The Beef Has Been Brought

Each week, the VH1 blog is lucky enough to have Jackie Christie recapping the latest episode of Basketball Wives LA for us. This week, she dives in to the drama in Palm Springs. Despite the drinks thrown and the black eyes, Jackie is filled with optimism, pointing out that the women came away from the trip with a renewed sense of sisterhood. Read her recap below!

Palm Springs!!! OMG is all I can say! So jumping right in, Malaysia and Draya arrive in Palm Springs, joining Brandi, Sundy and myself. The situation had been a bit unsettling prior to their arrival however, considering Brandi had pre-warned me that, supposedly, there was an issue with Draya and I, and that I should be ready for it.

I’m somewhat of a half-vegetarian of sorts, I don’t eat red meat or pork at all, and I mostly eat fruits veggies and light fish and chicken. Saying that to say that, when Brandi went on to explain that they were bringing beef, which I personally never ordered. Well, I’m sure you can understand how I must have felt. But hey, being the forgiving and kind-hearted person that I am, I decided to just give the pending situation a chance, and not pass any judgments whatsoever. I just wanted to let the ladies get there and see what they had to say. 

Shortly after they arrived, I noticed Draya had a grim and very distracting look on her face, as I was talking to everyone. So I proceeded to excuse myself from the general conversation with the room and  ask her what was up. Was she okay? The look her demeanor and the vibe was a bit off, and one I’d never really seen prior. Me being a very upfront person, I wanted to clear the air, and she of course said all was well with her and she was just being her. Okay, so moving right along… Sundy had just interjected in the conversation to ask Draya if she really wanted to be there., and she proceeded to eventually say she was ok with being there… But that quickly changed to “No, I don’t want to be here!” Ok, yeah I’m confused, too, at this point.

Tempers began to flare once the exchange of words transpired between Sundy and Draya, and Sundy decided at that point she wanted to grab something to drink in the kitchen and proceeded to announce that to everyone, in hopes of changing the current hostile conversation to something much lighter.

And I thought to myself “Whoosh! Good! Now we can perhaps move forward.” But instead I found myself shocked and in disbelief when Draya looked disgusted at Sundy as she went to the kitchen for the drinks and clean grapes…lol!  Draya blurted out for Sundy to take her ratchet [bleep] in the kitchen and all hell broke loose shortly after and insult upon insult ensued. Chaos is an understatement.

My thoughts were going a million miles an hour in my head. I needed to make since of the situation and I did my best to calm things down. The ladies were also all in shock as it escalated so fast, no one really had a chance to do anything except interject ourselves into the middle as best we could, and separate Sundy and Draya! Realizing what happened after things calmed down a bit, I went to comfort Sundy to ensure she was okay and then to talk to Draya, who I found sitting in her room with the other ladies. There was still a lot she and I had to talk about.

We began to discuss what happened and although it was a heated conversation and we were in the belly of the storm, we still found a common ground, and I wanted to let her know that no one is perfect. She was hurt, I was hurt, Sundy was hurt, and Malaysia and Brandi as well, it became a very emotional moment. Something I feel will always remain with us. After some convincing, Sundy, being the strong person she is agreed with my suggestion to remain there and try to work things out with everyone, and so did the other ladies and for that I was grateful.

Sitting by the pool and sharing all the laughs with everyone is when I realized that no matter how dysfunctional, we have a connection as mothers, wives, girlfriends: a sisterhood of sorts, where you argue and bicker at times but underneath it all there is still a bond.

I even teased the ladies and told them a fun story of how Doug and I fantasize about them!!! Hilarious! And Malaysia jumped up and ran a way screaming!

Next up…. Dinner time! Well it only makes since after all that to sit and break bread together, right?!

Hold on to your seat & STAY TUNED FOR MUCH MORE!