This Is Hot 97: Meet Rosenberg, 100% Pure Talent

Growing up, Peter Rosenberg wanted to be Funkmaster Flex. And nowadays, Rosenberg, who’s part of the Hot 97 morning show team, gets to work right alongside his idol. Rosenberg is yet another DJ from the radio station who will be featured on the new series This Is Hot 97, and as he explains in this clip, being on TV is not a huge stretch for him. “I live life as if the camera’s on, so having the camera on just made me that much better he (humbly) explains. “Because I am a professional, and I am what you call pure talent.”

Watch the rest of the clip to see how his colleagues react when they hear the name Rosenberg (“A pock on humanity!” Miss Info declares.) and tune in on Monday, March 31st at 10:30 PM ET/PT to see the man in action on This Is Hot 97.