Gentlemen! Check Out The Guys Of This Is Hot 97

Cipha Sounds says when you go on the air you put on “this radio voice and this radio persona – this like cranked up, hip hop version of your life” but that This Is Hot 97 is going to give a real look at what the Hot 97 team is truly like.

These gentlemen are a motley crew that includes comedian Cipha who says you do not allow yourself to be a “Brangelina” unless you’ve dated or slept with the other person you’re being linked to. Hence why he refuses to be combined (Ciphenberg?) with Rosenberg, who has been dreaming of the day he would be on Hot 97 since he was still in diapers. They say he has a direct line to all the white artists like Bieber, Timberlake and Eminem. The bossman Ebro el Viejo who thinks of himself as being the supportive leader at the station but other members of the team would describe him as just plain self-important. And finally the legendary Funkmaster Flex who is so committed to hip hop music that he carved a place for himself in the community that earned him a reputation as the “Michelangelo of trash talk” and “godfather” of Hot 97.

Check out the clip to see the way all the guys describe themselves and how they’re countered by their colleagues and be sure to tune in Monday, March 31st at 10:30 PM ET/PT to the premiere episode of This Is Hot 97.