VH1 Fashions Of The Week: Prints Galore

  • amina

    Amina Buddafly [Photo: Instagram]

  • ange

    Alicia and Big Ang [Photo: Instagram]

  • brandi

    Brandi Maxiell [Photo: Instagram]

  • cyn-santana

    Cyn Santana [Photo: Instagram]

  • draya

    Draya [Photo: Instagram]

  • ebro-peter-peter

    Ebro, Tahiry & Peter Rosenberg [Photo: Instagram]

  • ericajean

    Erica Jean [Photo: Instagram]

  • ericamena

    Erica Mena [Photo: Instagram]

  • hollywoodexes

    Nicole Murphy, Sheree Fletcher, Shamicka Lawrence, Andrea Kelly [Photo: Instagram]

  • jessica-nicole

    Jessica Canseco and Nicole Murphy [Photo: Instagram]

  • joseline

    Joseline [Photo: Instagram]

  • lala

    La La [Photo: Instagram]

  • laura

    Laura Stylez [Photo: Instagram]

  • malaysia

    Malaysia [Photo: Instagram]

  • mayte

    Mayte Garcia [Photo: Instagram]

  • mimi-faust

    Mimi Faust [Photo: Instagram]

  • missinfo-peter-cipha

    Miss Info, Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds [Photo: Instagram]

  • mona-jen

    Mona Scott Young and Jennifer Williams [Photo: Instagram]

  • nyalee

    Nya Lee [Photo: Instagram]

  • renee

    Renee Graziano and DJ Khalid [Photo: Instagram]

  • rosenberg

    Peter Rosenberg with Mobb Deep [Photo: Instagram]

  • sassy

    Sassy [Photo: Instagram]

  • sheree

    Sheree Fletcher [Photo: Instagram]

  • sundy

    Sundy Carter [Photo: Instagram]

  • sway-johnson

    Shay Johnson [Photo: Instagram]

  • tiny-shekinah

    Shekinah and Tiny [Photo: Instagram]

  • traci-steele

    Traci Steele [Photo: Instagram]

In this week’s roundup, it’s prints on prints on prints. Some prints look pretty while others will surely be a bit more, uh, polarizing. Yeah, polarizing. Let’s go with that. And of course, club attire reigns supreme. Quite a few cute dresses…and then one really weird green looking one. No shade.

Enjoy the flicks, y’all!