Check Out A Behind The Scene’s Closeup Of Draya’s Zombie Makeup

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Draya Michele’s reputation varies depending on which basketball wife is speaking about her but one thing is for sure, she’s a flatout beauty. On tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives LA Draya planned a surprise event for the other ladies which was a Zombie Mud Run. Draya let them do the running and she allowed herself to get a little ugly. We scrolled through the archives of Draya’s Instagram to find some up close and personal snapshots of her ghoulish makeup. Serving some Night of the Living Dead realness, Draya captioned one of the photos with: “Y’all chicks have 1 day…#DrayaDressDownDay #ZombieApocalypse #specialFXmakeup #thewalkingdead #anyquestions #halloween.” LOL. What do you think? Do you think Draya’s look is positively scary?

[Photos: Instagram]