“Bro, I Don’t Do Television”: This Is Hot 97 Pulls Off Its Series Premiere With A Kanye Cameo

There’s a running gag throughout the series premiere of This Is Hot 97 that, since the radio station is a magnet for huge stars, it should be no problem to land celebrity cameos on the TV show from celebs like Jay Z and Kanye West. In these two clips from tonight’s show, Ebro, the Hot 97 station manager, has his eye on the prize. First, he enlists the help of his pal Macklemore to convince one of his chart-topping friends like Justin Timberlake or Eminem. “I don’t think Macklemore’s gonna work for the big star we need,” Ebro explains. “We all know he didn’t have the best rap album of the year so…I don’t know.”

But can Ebro pull off the biggest coup of all, a guest spot from the elusive Kanye?

When Kanye’s in the studio with Angie Martinez, Ebro sees his chance and makes his move. This is Kanye’s big chance for the world to see another side of him. Will he please, please with a cherry on top be on the series premiere of This Is Hot 97? “Bro. I don’t do television,” Yeezy tells Ebro. And with that, poof. He pulls a Keyser Soze and it’s like he was never even there.