Draya’s Dead! See The Top SMDH Moments From Basketball Wives LA Episode 7

Oh lawd it’s never a dull moment with the ladies of Basketball Wives LA, is it? This week Draya (sorta) died, Jackie got “nekid” and Chantel did a pop up. We just skimmed the surface of this week’s episode for our favorite SMDH moments and mapped it out for you. It was a drama-packed-zombie-filled episode so jump on in and let us know what you thought of all the shade being thrown around. Who do you think was the biggest instigator this week?

First things first, Jackie and Doug are posing in their skivvies for a sculpture that will serve as model for a potential bottle for Jackie’s yet unnamed line of cognac. Jackie says, “I want the breasts to not be just breasts. We need nipples on there,” and “I want Doug’s head to be like a sexual ball of sorts.” She wants his head to screw off. Um, SMH. Sundy stops by the Christie residence and immediately seems like she regrets it. She just can’t keep her eyes of Doug’s butt. SMDH.

Sundy then asks Jackie about the status of the cognac and what its name is – she had previously suggested the fabulous “CognJackie” but Jackie says she’s been considering a few other options. Sundy pipes up with “Naked.” Jackie approves, “Maybe Smooth Nekid?” she responds. Then she offers up some other ideas: Golden Liquid! Golden Showers! SMDH. Doug isn’t sure what to make of all this. Sundy’s all, No, Jackie! Later in the episode Jackie meets with her colleagues regarding the packaging of the cognac. They shut her sexy bottle down ASAP saying that it would be a lot to produce a bottle like that and also…he says he’s just not “feeling it.” SMDH

Now when it comes to the other ladies Draya is making it a point to meet up with Jackie and Brittish to invite them to a mystery event she is having. Jackie’s mostly concerned that her hair is going to get wet. Both ladies seem game for whatever comes their way. Draya’s theory is that they can’t get along because they drink too much so she has them all meet at a Zombie Mud Run. SMH. The usually put-together Draya shows up looking like the undead. She is in full zombie makeup and is throwing major shade at the other girls about how no one has to be threatened by the pretty one because today she looks just like them. SMDH.

The ladies participate in the miniature marathon where the Zombies (Draya) chase after the humans (Jackie, Sundy, Brittish, Malaysia and Brandi). Draya’s out for blood to eliminate Sundy ASAP, Brittish is throwing up because she said she ate eggs and Malaysia has just had it. Overall the ladies seem to getting along pretty well. Brandi and Draya are able to chat about the friendly-but-not-friends comment Brandi made last week (that Jackie made sure got back to Miss Draya). Brittish and Brandi mend their ways from their argument at the Turkish tea party. It sorta seems like things are on the upswing but as with all things with these women…that won’t last. SMDH.

Jackie and Draya meet for a drink to clear the air. Jackie confesses that she really does think highly of their friendship but thinks they still have unfinished business. Surprise! That’s when Chantel appears! Draya is over it because, well, she was sort of bombarded. Jackie explains that her intentions are pure. She just wants the ladies to be able to talk so Chantel can clear her name and Draya can ask Chani any questions. It gets nasty though, and fast. Chantel denies allegations about her and Orlando’s friend and says that Draya running her mouth is just making her look dumb. Draya says it’s not making her looking any sort of way and she really does not care. They keep going back and forth and Jackie is trying to defend both of them. Oh, heavens, what do you think? Were Jackie’s intentions pure? Will Chantel and Draya be able to put this behind them? SMDH